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Re: Ridiculously Wrong Video Time Lengths

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Zzzzzzzzzz Apprentice
JamesC: while I have not experienced video time clock issues on the pro 2's since the fix, I do notice that the video quality on all my Arlo Pro 2's seems much worse. Everything is fuzzy and washed out. The live pictures and videos seem to lack the crispness they used to have.

Did that fix involve reducing video quality?

rondahl Tutor

Well, it's been about 10 days now since the fix and I'm happy to say that all of my AC powered Arlo Pro 2's have and still are working flawlessly with not a single hiccup. For those of you still having problems, I recommend that you do a power-off/on reset of the base station.

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Taylor121217 Tutor
I just got my system two weeks ago and wasn’t having any issues until this weekend. Now I’m having issues the pro 2 cameras outside. Is there another fix. I’ve turned off the system and back on and that didn’t do anything. I’m already past the time of returning it. I also noticed that the cameras that is giving me the issues when it does record it becomes fuzzy or pixelated. Any help would b great.
Mack1359 Apprentice

There's no fix. It's been broken for a lot of us since Feb!!  Return them ASAP and don't fall prey to Netgear/Arlo shoddy support like the rest of us did.

Wolfedjw Aspirant

I am also experiencing these same issues, which render the camera basically useless.  I am so glad we did not opt to upgrade.  I have gone through  the last 3 months worth of postings here and did not see any actual input from Netgear.  Disappointing.  Luckily for me, but not for NetGear, I have tons of time on my hands. I intend to place reviews on this product anywhere and everywhere I can find the opportunity: NetGear sites, Facebook, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.  Hopefully, Netgear will deem this issue important enough to reply somewhere.  I doubt I it though.  They claim to have made this a top priority with no results.  Either they need to steal techs from their competitors so they can get someone qualified to fix, or they need to scratch the poor software they have and start over.

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Tonycat82 Tutor
Not fixed. Same issue on my ac powered cameras
tealtiger21 Aspirant

My time lengths are still fine since the last update. However, I'm noticing now that when I view nighttime recordings, the video seems to freeze at times, kind of like it's buffering or something. Throughout a recording it does this...I'm not sure why. But I do know that if I download the recordings and play them on my computer, they play through just fine without freezing, so it has to be something to do with the website itself, not the recordings. That's my guess, anyway.

CrispyChris Aspirant

Hi All,


Same issue here but so far only when recording in manual mode.  My Camera in plugged into AC too.  I bought these cameras because I have an aggressive, hostile neighbor and I was hoping, him knowing he was being recorded it would back him off a bit, and if it didn't than I would have proof of his aggression.  Last night I had had to confront him about an ongoing issue so I set the camera to record the conversation.  I recorded him threating to put a bullet in my head and when I viewed it on my phone app it showed the video being over 16 minutes long while in reality it was about 3 to 5 minutes, but the video was still reviewable. It's the downloaded version saved on my phone that freezes the 1st few seconds in. So, I emailed the link to myself and when viewing that it freezes as well. So, I tried watching the video from the Arlo website app on my computer and that freezes too.  I can still view the video from the phone app but it sucks because I cannot send it to the police and / or save it for future documentation.  I guess in 6 days this working video will be gone for good.


I bought and installed this system to protect myself and my family and the 1st time I really needed it to work it has failed me (us) badly.  I hope netgear steps up and fixes this problem soon, although after reading this thread I am not going to hold my breath.

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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



What web browser are you using to view the video? If you're not already, try viewing the video using Chrome to see if you still experience the issue.



Mikevell Aspirant