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Purchasing an additional Arlo Pro 2 limits the number of cameras!

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MrBrillo Guide

I have an Arlo Pro 2 with 3 cameras located at our beach property. It works really well. So well that in fact I just forked out for another system for our family home. The issue is that when I configure the 3 cameras with the new system, it's placed a limit of just 2. After trawling through the app to find out what gives, I now learn that because I've exceeded the total maximum of 5 per ACCOUNT, the third camera can't be configured unless I purchase a cloud plan! Of course, I really don't want to do that - I've just bought a completely separate system.

The workaround is that my wife now has total control of the home cameras, and she has granted me access to enable me to limited system admin over the whole setup. This is hardly satisfactory.

My view is that if I make a purchase of a complete system, I should be able to maintain and configure that system without having to incur any further monthly charges.

Is this right?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
brh Master


Although they are on two different base stations the accounts are set up according to one's email address. It is possible to have several base stations on one account but Arlo's policy is to give their customers free 7 day cloud storage but only up to 5 cameras. Most of Arlo's competition charges fees with the very first camera. 

If you want to have complete control of the cameras if your wife doesn't need the administration priviledges set up two email accounts in your name, remove the second system from her account and add it to your second account. Grant her access to both accounts and for yourself, grant access from each email address to the other one. I am set up that way. 

Doing it using two accounts to save a little money is a royal pain, but I am sure Arlo is not about to change their revenue streams.