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Problems Using Arlo Cameras From New Base Station Kit With Existing Base Station

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Just writing this in case it helps somebody else with the same problem, since I managed to work around the problem myself.


I purchased twe basestation kits with 3 cameras each (because the per camera price was best in this configuration, despite me getting an extra basestation in the process). I s0ynched up the three cameras in the first kit with that basestation without any problems. However, when trying to sync up cameras from the second kit with the first basestation, I got stumped. I got the basestation green light to blink and the blue camera light as well but the two never found each other. The process ended with the camera flashing orange a few times before quitting th epairing process (light off). I tried all three cameras from the second kit, same thing for all of them. I replaced the batteries with batteries from the cameras in the first kit, that I knew were charged an worked, no change. I tried other things suggested in this forum like restarting the basestation, removing and inserting batteries, but noting worked.


After several hours I gave up and instead tried to sync one of the failing cameras with the basetation they came with, i.e. the one from the second kit. And that worked perfectly! Then I updated the firmware for the basestation and then also for the now connected camera. Then I synced the other two cameras from this the second kit with their basestation, which also worked. I updated the firmware for these two cameras as well.


Then I tried once again to sync one of the cameras from the second kit with the basestation from the first kit after first removing it from the second basestation, and now it worked! And it worked for equally well for all the cameras from the second kit.


I thought the initial sync failures may have had something to do with the firmware difference between basestation and camera but the order in which I updated the basestation and cameras from the second kit suggests it's not that either. The last two cameras that I synced with the second basestation synced with and upgraded basestation and cameras with older firmware. Exactly the same situation as when I tried to sync them with the first basestation (which was running the latest firmware).


Just writing this in case it helps somebody else with the same problem. It seems the cameras can indeed sync with any basestation from any kit but maybe not until they have once been synced at least once with the basestation they came with.  This may sound strange but at least  it's what I experienced.


Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera