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Pro Ultra details

Just noticed the announcement for the Pro Ultra.


Any more details yet available?  Expected release date?


How bright or lumens amount for the included spot light in the new 4k Pro Ultra?

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Re: Pro Ultra details

Rumor has it the base will randomly go offline, cameras will report offline but continue to work, andorid app will constanly crash and all sw updates will introduce new problems.

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Re: Pro Ultra details



must say, my android app has been pretty hassle free for a while.


goign offline is much better than last year, but still problematic at times


of cours, I'm hoping the Ultra's night vision is as good as the Pro 1, cause the Pro 2s are terrible at night

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Re: Pro Ultra details

I don't know how they do it, but Arlo always seems to fall short for so many of us....


One of Arlo's biggest issues is the motion detection, I thought they had a viable option for us with the Arlo Pro 2 (when plugged in), thinking... the cameras is always on and buffering for the 3 sec. lookback, they must be using pixel based motion detection, right? Wrong!


I'm sure the Ultra will be more of the same, only at a higher price point. It'll still be lacking the ability to detect motion moving towards the camera more than a short distance away.


It doesn't really matter how good the picture quality is, or how wide the angle is if it can't capture the subject in the video.

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Re: Pro Ultra details

I hear ya.


Seems you can only pre-order a kit right now that includes a SmartHub, not sure what that will do beyond the normal base station. 1 camera kit is $400, ouch.


I do like that it has a built in siren to the camera now, which I believe I read correctly.


$400 for just 1 camera that you can't view 4K unless on same network as your phone is too much right now.

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Re: Pro Ultra details

BestBuy Canada has the Ultra offered on preorder for a February 22, 2019 availability.
Single cam only at $ 400. CA$ and $ 530. CA$ with base station. Frankly, I doubt very much the validity of availability date.
BestBuy US doesn’t give any expected date.
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Re: Pro Ultra details

I see it has magnetic charging.  I wonder what that means for the battery.  I don't see any obvious seams in the housing.  I hope the battery is removable.  That is a critical feature for me.  I've seen some other wireless cameras that have non-removable batteries.  That is such a PITA.  Fingers crossed that Arlo didn't fall into that trap.  I could see some specific use cases for 180 degrees, but I wouldn't buy one unless the battery is removable.  I assume they won't be good at night on inside corners.

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Re: Pro Ultra details

Not to worry about that either, battery is rechargeable, it’s also shown by BB in the preordering options for accessories along with dual charging station.

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Re: Pro Ultra details

@Paul_FCCL wrote:

Not to worry about that either, battery is rechargeable, it’s also shown by BB in the preordering options for accessories along with dual charging station.

My understanding is the battery for the Ultra is different.  A problem with the "Ultra battery" was mentioned in the last 10Q.  I just checked BB pages for Ultra and the only charging station I saw was for the current Pro/Pro2/Go/Light battery.  I'm going to wait and see.  It would, of course, be great if it just uses the same battery cube as most of the other cameras.


It reminds me of another "area of opportunity" I see for Arlo.  I would love to see a "total system" diagram that shows all of the system components and how they work together.  Base units, bridges, router connection, etc.  Even explanations of which devices can share modes and rules and whic devices are in their own separate mode/rule domains.

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Re: Pro Ultra details

Thank you. Now that I see the photo, I remember having seen it before. I had spaced it. Good to see.
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