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Re: Pro 2 - Night Vision Poor

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MelSF Apprentice

..............This seems to be a problem that is systemic with this product, as is the "non-response" from customer service !!!


They have been told numerous times about this design flaw, and choose to ignore it, and their "customers"!

iamcrd Apprentice

I personally feel the night vision issue is more to do with the intensity of IR lights than the actual camera sensor. Netgear might have chosen a less intense IR illuminator for Arlo Pro 2 to save on battery charge. If this is the case, I don't see how any update will fix the issue. A 3rd party IR illuminator will, but whether that is ideal or not is for one to decide him/herself.

Johnny290 Prodigy
Go on Amazon and by yourself and IR illuminator I bought one for 20 bucks it lights up my whole yard and only uses 4 watts I definitely recommend. It works so good I'm going to buy myself another one for my other camera
Johnny290 Prodigy

Tendelux 80ft IR Illuminator | AI4 No Hot Spot Wide Angle Infrared Light for Security Camera (w/ Power Adapter 20 bucks .this will turn a pitch black yard into one that looks like daytime
MelSF Apprentice

...........You make a good point!!  I noticed the IR brightness seemed lower than previous models I have used. If this is the case, it kind of confirms they brought to market a "flawed" model !!



Somerset3 Aspirant
Netgear have replaced the second two cameras I purchased. I will report back once I have compared them with the first two, purchased in November which were and are great, both day and night
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skysigns Apprentice
Security cameras that are being marketed day/night 1080P, at a cost of hundreds of dollars (close to a thousand if you get the 5 camera system from Costco) should not need additional products to work correctly at an additional cost. There is something wrong with that.
Johnny290 Prodigy
That is true but obviously there's a problem with the pro 2 night vision. So if you want a dramatic Improvement get an IR illuminator. Otherwise return it. Constantly complaining about it is not going to fix anything
Guru jguerdat Guru

@treebuilder wrote:

I bought the Arlo Pro 2 two-camera package over the weekend.  I put one on my front porch, one on my rear deck.


The one on the front porch is powered, and fine.


The one on the rear deck is on battery, and had great night vision for about two days.


Then, suddenly, all the night vision shots are faint and washed out.


Swap the cameras around to see if the problem stays with the camera. ALso, was there previously external lighting for the deck that's now off?

Bof Guide
Its pointing it out to the maufacturer. I wouldnt call it complaning as much as it is giving feedback on a major widespread issue. I returned my set until the kinks are worked out. That is 900 that they will have to wait on from me untill the fix the issue.
Johnny290 Prodigy
I unerstand .But netgear is well awear of the problem ,a fimware was released with a small improvment. I doubt you will see any more Improvement. So either you like it or you don't I have the pro and the Pro 2 cameras i am using a IR illuminator and problem is solved.