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Notifications no longer sent to Apple Watch after iPhone upgrade to IOS13 and WatchOS6

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krypttic Apprentice

I just created a new custom mode, just for testing purposes, using one camera.  Once again, the preview showed fine on my iPhone screen but not on my watch face.

krypttic Apprentice

Interestingly, I started getting previews on my watch this evening.  I then switched to my other watch and the previews stopped.  I then put the original watch back on and the previews were gone again.  I have no idea how to make sense of any of this!

Gemten Aspirant
I just finished installing the first camera (Arlo Pro3). I have an
iPhone 11 And an Apple Watch 4th generation.
I am reviving Alpert’s on phone and watch. At first I thought I was only getting an alert on my watch telling me there was motion on “camera 2 left side”. I searched the community support form not seeing a satisfactory answer.
I then got another alert and this time just for the h@“” of it I tapped on the alert and voila there was the image.
Learn something new every day and maybe others did not realize this either.
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
krypttic Apprentice
Yeah, I knew about the touching to view the image. However that is not working right now...