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Re: Live view not working in chrome on linux

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kenjo Aspirant

So live view in the chrome browser on linux no longer works and trying to bug report that was not possible as support just gives the information I need to run windows or mac. 


I tried from 3 different computers and it fails on every one. used to work fine.


So now I need to look around for some other system that actually works. preferably some wired as this wifi/battery solution is not really that good. it misses motion, records to late and generally quite unreliable.


anyone have suggestion what to get instead ?

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Guru TomMac Guru

Haven't run linux in a long time... But can say that the issue of lack of live play usu comes back to flash.


Can you use an older version of Chrome ( as the older versions usu had flash automatically active )... many default flash to off nowdays.


Good luck

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Guru jguerdat Guru

@kenjo wrote:

it misses motion, records to late and generally quite unreliable.

Have you read the FAQ here on best motion detection and camera positioning? WHat about increasing motion sensitivity in your modes/rules? Any camera using a PIR sensor will have the same issues.

kenjo Aspirant

Yes I turned on flash if you do not then the website complains so its not that. It just that the video never starts and I get a timeout or it simply returns back with the playbutton again. sometimes it updates the image so something happens just not live playing.