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Live Stream Issues

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ScubaMatt23 Follower

I recently bought the 4 pack system of the Arlo Pro 2 cameras. This system was purchased to serve dual purposes. 1. Two of the cameras will be utilized in my 2 and 3 year olds rooms as baby monitors. We are hoping to have a live stream over the night viewed on a Kindle Fire throught the Arlo app. 2. Security in the main living areas.


The security features work just fine (motion detection). We are having trerrible issues with continuously live streaming the two cameras in the kids rooms. The feed freezes periodically and the communication function also freezes the camera. I have high speed internet. I'm looking for any recommendations anyone may have to solve this issue as Arlo support have not been very helpful. 


Thanks for any advice!

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Guru TomMac Guru

The live stream will automatically cut off after about a half hour... this has been designed as the cameras mostly run on batteries and Netgear didn't want them draining if forgotten and left on.


Best you can do is run it for a half hour and then restart if needed or just move over to the "detect" motion if your kids get up and move around.

The only other options you have with the Pro2 is the CVR option which records ( while on ac ) 24/7


 Arlo Baby which continue in streaming full time and doesn't shut off ( maybe the Q camera too , not 100% on shut down time )

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