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How to add CVR plan

So I have the Arlo Smart Premier Plan, which doesnt expire until Oct/19. I want to add CVR for one camera, but when I go to subscriptions and click add plan under CVR, it wants to charge me for both CVR and the Smart Premier Plan ($198.00 for the year), instead of just $99.00 for the yearly CVR plan, 14 days. There doesn't seem to be anywhere I see to adjust the plan. Anyone know how it works to add CVR plan to an existing plan?

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Arlo Moderator

Re: How to add CVR plan

Hi @BillRin


Are you still experiencing this issue? have you tried to contact Arlo Tech Support regarding this purchase? I have attached the link for you here - Arlo Tech Support


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Re: How to add CVR plan

I spent 5+ hours on the phone with tech support. 4 different technicians telling me over and over to reboot, uninstall, delete device and re sync. One technician actually said he could fix the problem if I paid “an insurance fee”.  Fortunately, the last tech I spoke with put me on hold, contacted their billing department and corrected everything in minutes.  Unfortunately, the quality of support you get, depends on the quality of the tech u get. Hang up and call back if your not happy with the results you get. 

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Re: How to add CVR plan

HI @BillRin


What was the link or number you contacted? 

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Re: How to add CVR plan

My first three calls were to 1 (888) 638-4327.  I finally found someone to resolve the issue at 1 (407) 628-3750.

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Arlo Moderator

Re: How to add CVR plan

Arlo's Customer Support number is below. I am not to sure who you spoke with, but please use the following link for Arlo Tech Support in the future. feel free to ask any questions on the community as well.


United States contact information:

1 (408) 638 3750

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