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Go Pro 2 charging error/ won’t go online

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MsSkincareDiva Follower
I have an Arlo Go Pro 2 with the base and 2 cameras. I use the rechargeable batteries to power the cameras. Everything was working well until the one camera said it needed to be charged. The app kept telling me there was a charging error. It then looked like the camera was charging, and the camera was showing motion alerts when it was charging. Now that it is off the charger, the camera won’t go online. The base unit and other camera are connected and online. The faulty camera is covered and protected from the rain, etc. How can I get the camera to function again? Do I have to replace the battery? Or remove then re-add the device? Help!
Guru jguerdat Guru

Just to avoid confusion, there are 2 separate Arlo products - the Go which uses cell service and has no base station and the Pro 2 which you have. I undersatnd what you're saying, just wanted to get the terminology straight.


What happens if you try charging the other camera? Does it work properly or do you get the same message? If it works, try swapping batteries to see if it's the battery or the caamera. BTW, even though the camera was protected from direct weather, was the plastic plug properly inserted into the camera? Moisture can get in causing this error - if so, letting the connector dry out thoroughly before trying to charge and/or reinserting the plug may help.