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Different app version on iphone vs. Ipad

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Onegr8dane Follower

The app on my iPhone is now 2.7.0 vs. 2.6.4 on my iPad.

They behave different. On the iPhone I can only set camera brightnes in 25% increments, where I can set them in 1% increments on the iPad. But on the iPad the settings don’t keep. 25% is too big of a change.

On the iPhone there is a red alarm button on top in the app. Not on the iPad.

I suspect the different versions play havoc with the camera function. Over the last week two cameras stopped registering motion, but after factory reset and resync they work again.

I have looked for a way to update the iPad to version 2.7.0 without succes. The app setting is set to automatic update in the background.

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JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @Onegr8dane,


There are some changes from the 2.6.4 version to 2.7.0 version. What iPad do you currently have? What problems are you seeing when trying to updating to the latest version?