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Can't access camera after new Arlo app update

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Levans021205 Follower

Since the new app update, I am unable to get a status on my cAmeras

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Mitcon Aspirant

Hi, I'm Mitch. I just updated my App. Took 30-45 sec. and all cameras are there and functional. All of my settings are also intact. Here's how I did it...


1.  Uninstalled current App. In Android v. 5.1 you have the option to NOT delete files/folders and settings.


2.  Installed latest version of Arlo App from Google Play. Took 30-45 seconds.


3.  Executed App. Loaded as fast or faster than previous version. All cameras were there, functional and configured correctly.




1.  If you are using an Apple device, I hear the upgrade may not be available yet. 

2.  I would think that the Apple install would also allow you to NOT delete your files/settings.

3.  If you have both the new and old versions on your system and did not delete any files/settings I would think about uninstalling the upgraded App. Then I would consider uninstalling the old version but DO NOT delete the files/settings. The idea is to uninstall the App but save the filesn/settings. 

4.  Do a clean install of the App.

5.  Verify the new install.



1.  Hopefully, if you did not delete the files/settings  when you installed the update they might still be there.

2.  Again, I uninstalled my old version and kept my old files/settings then installed the new App. It worked for me.


If  any of the Experts in this forum have input PLEASE join in!

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