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CVR and Customer Service Complaint

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Gman56 Follower

I signed up for the CVR on 8 cameras.  The same day I discovered two were not recoding.  Called Arlo customer support the next day and worked with them to resolve the issue for over an hour.  Technician could not figure it out.  Asked to let it run for a few days to see if it would resolve itself. (Yah, right)   Week later, I called back with same ticket number and the same issue was now affecting more cameras.  After another hour new representative stated the problem was with my internet service provider and that I need to work out the issue with them. (Yah there a pattern here?)  Ask to speak to a supervisor.  Told the supervisor was in a meeting and would call me back in 2 hours.  Received the call-back 2 and a half hours later.  Immediately was put on hold for 30 minutes; I hung up; supervisor never answered.  Called back a few hours later and immediately asked for a supervisor.  Rep stated the supervisor was busy (no other explanation). Cancelled my CVR subscription but they charged me from the date I started the subscription to the date I cancelled.  Explaining that I did not receive the service I paid for fell on deaf ears.  I was not refunded the full subscription price.  Have invested a good amount of money (and now time) for a total of 16 cameras and related accessories for my home.  I will soon will be returning all to Best Buy.  There are too many other security companies with similar products.  Arlo has some serious problems which need to be addressed by senior level management.

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Guru StephenB Guru

@Gman56 wrote:

I signed up for the CVR on 8 cameras.  The same day I discovered two were not recording.  

How many base stations do you have?  The bases are spec'd to handle up to 5 simultaneous recordings.


Also, you need at least 8 mbps of internet upload speed (1 mbps per camera).