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Arlo pro 2 issues

Where do I start with these cameras / system.

I'm in the UK, and purchased  a 4 camera system just a little over 6 weeks ago. I have not spoken to tech support about any issues yet, however extensive reading on these and other forums leads me to believe I am not alone.


My internet connection in my opinion is fine, I have great fiber upload and download speeds, with low latency.


My cameras are all powered from the mains chargers.


To see if it helps, I set my base station to reboot everyday with my home automation system.


My base station to camera signal is good


I have unpaired and re-paired the cameras numerous times along my tests.


Latest firmware on base.


1) I trialled the CVR for 1 camera. The timeline is out of sync, plus I get periods of small gaps in the timeline when nothing has been recorded. 


2) Motion detection is sometimes hit and miss. My cameras mostly do pickup movements, but sometimes I can drive past 1 camera and nothing happens. To drive past a camera, I firsly have to walk past one of them and this one triggers, again , most of the time, therefore proving something is working in the system.


3) My recording length is set to a fixed time, but this is not always adhered to. eg, sometime's my footage is only 20 seconds when my duration is set to 90 seconds.


4) CVR footage which shows as a blank, can sometimes be viewed if I start playing the video just before there is a blank in the timeline. Sometimes the blank timeline may be several mintutes in length , but only a few seconds may not be recorded. Simply the thumbnail is not there and I cant search ( play ) directly  on the blank timeline.


5) Vieod : Audio , footage without audio recorded at times, and vice versa ( still video ).


6) Motion detected recoreded video: When viewing the recorded footage, it starts playing and sometimes the frame just stops but the audio continues. Somepart through playback, video does resume but there are gaps from the stopped frame to the resumed part.


7) Impact when multiple triggers occur : When I pass my first camera, and turn the corner, I trigger my second camera. Its almost like the camera cant cope with too much going on. ( dont blame my internet connection )


8) Choppy video playback on some recordings, like the framerate has dropped some frames.


9) Audio sometimes has choppy playback. Typical bad signal stutter.


10) Base station offline. All 3 LED's on the base are on, and the internet LED is blinking randomly as per normal. I have to reboot the base to bring it back up. Has occured 3 times since purchase, with my on eyes seeing it. May have occured at other times.


11) Timezone changing ( hopefully the latest firmware has resolved this )


I've probably missed a couple of other issues, however I dont understand how the product can be so flaky.

I know that I am not alone, and alough the list above looks like a big moan, some of these issues have appeared on this forum by others many months ago.

Now in the most sense, I quite like the system, but the above issues make the experience just plain bad.

The recent firmware upates, have not changed any of the above, apart from (11) so far.....


I would be interested to hear directly from Arlo as to what is going on.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Re: Arlo pro 2 issues

Sco73. We and Many other people
Have the same problems. The lights on the base are green or the internet light will go out but the base acts like it’s offline causing battery drain of cameras - no recordings etc. the app will not always say offline it just has missing icons and mode will be getting information. This has bean going on since May firmware update. We haven’t heard anything back from arlo. Some tech say there is a base stations problem. You have to search through the community. Hundreds of people have posted about about. We have gone through 4 base stations 2 routers. And yet to get any info from arlo.
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Re: Arlo pro 2 issues

As I have only had my system since the May update, I cant really comment before that.


What I experience at the moment is £800 spent, and in my opinion its flawed with bugs. When its working its great, but I can't trust it. Its definately not a security camera in its current state.


My main concern is the lack input on these boards from Arlo to try and address the issues. I would willing talk to support, but it seems there has already been a lot of unanswered questions with others going down that route.


I know my own end is fine, so the issue is not there. I've tested other wireless camera systems, and they have all functioned better than this one.


I just want Arlo to step up, take notice of their customers and keep everyone informed of what is occuring, then provide some urgent fixes.

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Re: Arlo pro 2 issues

So , base station (VMB4000r3) updated to


See what this does , or not !!

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Arlo PRO 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion & recording

I have a PRO 2 base station with 4 cameras that has worked very well for 6 months.  Motion detecting/recording and notification all worked smoothly and I have a clear expectation of what the system detects/how it works. 


Suddenly a few weeks ago I stopped seeing hardly any motion detection/recording/notification on all cameras except 1.  I have changed batteries, reset the base station 3-4 times, gone through and reverified all settings.... all with no success.   Increasing the motion sensitivity from the settings that worked for 6 months made no difference.  I also tried changing from "record till motion is no longer detected" to various time based recoridng lengths and then back again, all with no impact.  I still see activity on one camera and hardly anything on the others.  


I suspect that some type of pushed firmware update to the base station from Arlo may have caused this.  Any other suggestions that I have not already tried (?).   

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo PRO 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion & recording

I hear you loud and clear! Same problems for over three weeks. I’ve reset/reload/reeverything you could imagine and nothing has fixed these problems.

I wasted a lot of money on this system in April (it worked for a couple of weeks). I’m dumping this system and telling everyone I know to stay away.
Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo pro 2 issues

100% correct. I’ve read way to many similar complaints since the May update. I can’t believe Arlo’s lack of response to similar stories.

If they don’t fix soon - I’m done with them and telling every single person I know to stay away from Arlo.
Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Arlo PRO 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion & recording

We are at the mercy of Arlo to fix this and I don't see that happening anytime soon. If we are lucky come fall they might acknowledge they have a firmware issue. Then of course we will have to wait for them to investigate it. Then possibly figure out a fix for it without causing any other issues.  This is a joke. Mine worked great from initial purchase Dec 2 2018. Then the May firmware update and now I own a bunch of junk. Week 4 of being offline more then it works. 

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Re: Arlo PRO 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion & recording

Same here. Purchased the kit end of April and think I have been on buggy firmware since.


I havent had a day where I can trust this system. I find myself playing maintenance man to keep the system afloat.


Simply in my opinion it does not "currently" live up to their statement on the website


"Smart Home Security Like Never Before
Peace of Mind. Anytime. Anywhere.
With brilliant HD video quality, two-way audio, live streaming, included 7-day cloud recording, instant alerts, and other smart features, the Arlo family of smart security cameras lets you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors and out, day and night."

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Re: Arlo PRO 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion & recording

I have experienced the same. I added an Arlo Pro 2 camera to my system,. it promted for a Firmware update and after reading support, it's supposed to update overnight.. I was able to push the firmware update on the camera manually after the 2nd day.


However, my base then notified me it needed a firmware update. I was able to push that through and now my camera's motion detection is crap. One recording, Jeep in the driveway, next recording, Jeep is gone. How does it not see motion from something as large as a vehicle in clear view of the camera?  Turn up my sensitivity you say? I"m at 95% already!


I've tried asking for support a year ago with other cameras in my system, where the behavior changed after a firmware update and as I've read on this forum, support from Arlo is minimal.

Model: VMB4500 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Arlo Moderator

Re: Arlo PRO 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion & recording



What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far? I do not want to suggest anything you may have previously performed.

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Re: Arlo PRO 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion & recording

Power cycled the base
Climbed up my ladder and replaced the batteries in all cameras which essentially is a power cycle.
Turned the camera off and back on with iOS app
Reset all zoom zones to max.
Power cycled my wireless router
Removed hard wire from base to router, power cycled the base then plugged the lan cable back in
Base is literally in line and 20 feet max to cameras one exterior wall separating them.
Moved one outdoor camera indoors for a day to see if motion trigger recording, pretty much worked as it should. Put it back outside, aimed it at a vehicle with the zoom zone maxed wide open (no zoom in effect).
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