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Arlo pro 2 --4 cam system

I purchased my security system in December as I was being harassed by a group of neighbours. On February 3rd I caught on camera this person who started the false reports to police and property supervisors, saying I am gunna get you. I saved the video to my facebook and now when I play it says son of a **bleep**. Twice in last month, I played it and it said I am gunna get you but replay it says son of a **bleep** so obviously hacked as I have two witnesses to it saying I am gunna get you. Now April 20th and 21st I was assaulted and they lied saying I assaulted them, and they got caught lying and are now charged. On May 14th a person I do not know and either their mother or father lied saying I assaulted them at the same time I called 911 to say they threatened my life which I have on video. The police came and simply arrested me a 60yr old disabled man on disability ten medications and no statement and tried to make me look crazy to the courts and was ordered from my home and town until trial over. I could sure use help as I think I donated the video February 3rd. I swear it was hacked?

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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