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Arlo Pro 2 motion detection showing false alert with leaf waving in wind

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aaronleeiv Initiate

I have a camera installed point to my porch, this morning I got like 20+ notification with only leaf waving in wind, audio is disabled... sensititity is already reduced to 50 but the problem persists, I don't want to reduce it any further so I start to get true negatives 😞


I am not in a high wind area but this makes it that I have to disarm the camera during the day.

Model: VMB4500 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
aaronleeiv Initiate

The leaf shadow on ground is the only thing that move.


Guru jguerdat Guru

I'd strt by relocating the camera. Motion is almost always directly at the camera. That would also allow you to eliminate the blowing leaves.

Dannybear Mentor

The PIR detector in the camera’s that detects motion is not smart. All they do is sense a change in the combined infrared level that is reflected towards the camera’s front face.
The fractal lens mirrors, assumed to be employed in the PIR enhance the detection sensitivity with slight shifts of infrared changes which is likely what you’re getting.

Recommend that you point the camera down to eliminate the tree shadow.

You could alternatively try using basic activity zones, if they actually worked, to mask only the wanted area of the camera’s video pixel changes. Requires the camera to be externally powered.

Or you can pay for smart detection services from arlo that tells you if it is something worth detecting. The upside is the service can work on battery only cameras, once setup with external power, although they will likely need to be recharged more often like every few days.