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Re: Arlo Pro 2 - When will Geofencing work as aspected?

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Johan_80 Aspirant


Sounds like the Geofencing never had worked properly. When I bougth these cameras for some days ago I expected the features at the retailpackage will work as it says. Is it planned to get to work in the future?

I have the Arlo app at my Android mobile there I also have an other app called "Smart volume control" which works properly with GPS-rules. If Arlo Geofencing are dependent of phone towers, when does it going to work with real location determining like GPS-locationing?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Skinner Aspirant
What issues are you experiencing? My geofence works perfectly on both mine and my wife’s iPhones with specified rules. Did take a little work to get it setup though.
MPetrus268 Aspirant

My geofencing was working perfectly when I first got my cameras.  After the last update geofencing no longer works.  I have to open the app once I'm outside the geofencing zone for the cameras to turn on.  Once I'm home, I have to open the app again for it to turn off the cameras.  Are you experiencing the same issue?  I've tried everything to fix this issue and I cant find any information from Arlo.  It's extremely frustrating.  

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @MPetrus268,


Make sure you don't have battery saver running on the background and don't force close out the app.

Johan_80 Aspirant

Nice to hear that i´m not alone with this issue. Some people have it to work, others not.

I have been a happy man for two days of working arlo software. That´s the positive thing. Maybe I should stop there, but I´m afraid I can´t. I change the settings that my other phone should be the master of activating/deactivating by geofencing. Now it work surprisingly bad. In the first phone the status are active and the other phone the status are deactive, the zones in both phones shows different zones. In the first phone the base station are active and the other says it´s deactive. I have a LTE phone tower 500 meters away from home with a speed of 80 Mbit/s if that should be a help. And yes, I was standing with just the left leg touching the ground when I pressed the buttons.....

Maybe this software will work as it mean, at an odd date in a specific time, the wind is in correct direction and all the stars are in their right position. 

My conclusion is that this Arlo pro 2 have a very nice design and are mechanical good engineered but with a malfunctioning software.

I´m looking forward to see this product to be fully developed.