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Arlo Pro 2- Outdoor power cables

I'd like a better understanding of why Arlo would not offer a long outdoor power cable for all of their outdoor cameras? The new Arlo Ultra has an optional 25 ft cable that is not compatible with any other camera. Surely this has to be a huge need for the customers using outdoor cameras. It seems pretty rare to have a power outlet within 8 ft of a higher location (such as under eaves of the house) placement of an outdoor camera. I purchased 3 cameras for outdoor use and frankly am tired of using a ladder to remove them to charge every couple of weeks. And it was a hefty monetary investment and one I would not have made if I had known that no outdoor cables exist that are recommended by Arlo. After market products seem to have very mixed reviews with many people reporting that they don't work at all or work only for a short time. Please ARLO...make a cable for your customers!
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