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Arlo Pro 2 No Longer Charging

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I bought this camera back in November 2018 and pretty much straight off the bat I was having charing issues (amazing considering how much it cost me to buy), however following online guides the issue appeared to have gone for a period of time.. But became a on/off sort of thing - like an inconsistant error that wasn't actually true, if that makes sense.


Anyway, today I got a new form of error.. Something like "It's too cold to charge right now", and I was like "I'm sorry what? It's only like 5 degrees outside - you're joking. So I checked the camera out and figured I'd follow the same guide again to resolved a problem on an expensive camera that shouldn't be happening.


TO my surprise the weather proof camera turns out to be not so weather proof.. I've found my charging port to be damaged including the cable connector part. Just wondering what I can do since I was under the impression due to advertising that this was the perfect camera for outdoors.


I've attached images of the camera charging port (only part which appears damaged) and the cable end. Hopefully someone can assist me with this.


(EDIT: Sorry I'm struggling to upload images because it doesn't like my high quality images....)


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