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Arlo Pro 2 Base Station wants to reformat external drive each time it is plugged in.

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QuantumDog46 Guide

I purchased an Arlo Pro 2 4 pack in December 2018. A few days ago, I hooked up an external USB drive, seemingly without problem. At the time, the base station wanted to reformat the drive. It seemed like a good idea so I let it do so. Today, as part of some other troubleshooting (see a different post), I safely ejected the drive and unplugged it from the base station. Several minutes later, I plugged it back in. The base station again said the drive needed to be reformatted. This seems wrong. It was using it and now it wanted to reformat it again? That would result in the loss of every stored recording (there wasn't much on it so I let it do it). How is one supposed to eject the drive, look at it on some other computer, and then put it back on the base station without losing everything? Is this normal?


Base Station HW VMB4000r3

Base Station FW (no updates avaiable)

ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator



Just to double check, you did use the (eject button) in the interface before removing correct? if not, there is a possibility the files have become corrupted & may require/request a reformat.

QuantumDog46 Guide

Hi. Yes, I followed the 'safely eject' procedure in the Arlo app. I intend to try a different external drive but have not yet done so. I will report back after I do.