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Adding an Arlo pro 2 cammera to app

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belugaduke Follower

I just bought an arlo pro 2 add on camera to join forces with my other 3 basic arlo cameras. I synced the arlo pro 2 camera to the base station and it showed it was a sucess. All of the LED lights did what they were supposed to do. When I went on the app to add the new camera. It spent about 1 min attemping to discover the camera and failed over and over again. I attemped to do the same thing on my laptop but again failed, this time saying there was no base statiom found. Ive reset the basestation. Unplugged it, plugged it back in. No sucess. What am I doing wrong? Can you not have an arlo pro 2 camera join basic arlo cameras?

brh Master


In the app, try adding the camera first to the devices page then follow the instructions. Other than that, I cannot immediately think of anything else based on what information you have provided.

It is entirely possible to add a Pro2 camera to the original base, but as inexpensive as the bases are now, if it were me I would purchase a Pro base and ditch the original base.



Guru jguerdat Guru

You don't need to use the app or web page to add a camera, only the base. You just briefly press the base sync button - don't hold the button for 2 seconds = and then the camera syn button.