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Advice on submitting a complaint?

Does anyone have a recommendation about how to escalate a support ticket / RMA that's been completely mishandled?  I'm a relatively new customer, have had a great experience with my Arlo devices, but one camera failed in the second month of use and dealing with support has been a nightmare - five different engagements, information needed to be repeated, RMAs initiated, canceled without my knowledge, etc.


I'd really like to provide someone in Arlo's management with a feedback on how poor my experience has been - but have no idea how to do this, as the Arlo website has no obvious means to do this.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Advice on submitting a complaint?

Somewhere in the V2.6.0 complaint period, someone posted a phone number for HQ and perhaps an address.  I don’t think I saved it.


They don’t make it easy to talk to someone with authority.


However, the moderators here will sometimes pick up on a case like this and engage you directly.

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Advice on submitting a complaint?

Hi @heckcj,


I have sent you a private message to gather more information from you regarding your case.

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Re: Advice on submitting a complaint?

A moderator has stepped in, but after seven days, there are still unresolved issues.  It's all extremely frustrating.  I did a little googling and see Matthew McCrae is the CEO, Lily Knowles is the SVP of Marketing & Customer Care and Patrick J. Collins III is the SVP of Product.  The headquarters address, according to SEC filings, is 350 East Plumeria Drive, San Jose, CA 95134.  The corporate phone number is 408-907-8000.  Maybe I need to send letters to McCrae, Knowles and Collins.

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Re: Advice on submitting a complaint?

Better Business Bureau.  That's where I'm heading.  Don't bother with Arlo because they don't care.  They have essentially made my cameras worthless when they keep messing up the app.  On mine, it keeps switching from Best Video to Best Battery Life causing the videos to be so blurry they are worthless.  Everything was fine until they started messing with the app.  Arlo owes me a full refund even though I didn't buy this junk from them.

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