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Activity Zones giving me warning messages and battery running out too fast!

First of all, I'm new to forums, and I dont know how to chat within the forums.  Where do I go to post a message?? I only know how to do private messages. 


OK. I have the Arlo Pro 2 wireless. Batteries ran out within 2-4 days. 


The activity Zone, It's set, and i thought it was working. But I get notifications constantly! Is this taking up the battery?


Then i tryies to change the zone and it says 'to enable activity zone, device needs to be connected to AC plug/adaptor?'  Device as in the camera? or the Base station? Because the base station is always plugged in. 


Please help me consume battery as i keep keep climbing up there to change it every week (plus i'll get into trouble by my boss for getting wireless because of this reason when he  clearly didnt want wireless!) HELP!



Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Activity Zones giving me warning messages and battery running out too fast!

I take it that the camera is looking at a lot of traffic.
Basic Activity zones are only available for cameras that are externally powered. The thinking is that when you’re camera is powered you want the camera to continually check if you have motion occurring in the wanted zone. This means the camera remains active at all times so that when the PIR senses motion the zone can then be checked and so you get a notification and a recording that includes three seconds prior to the detection event.
As you can see the camera operates continuously and would drain a battery only camera in a day or so.

If the cameras are not externally powered, battery only, then if it points to a high traffic area within 25ft, regardless of activity zones applied then the camera will record as often and will quickly deplete.

If you have smart plan on the camera, then you can have the camera choose to notify you when motion is detected within the wanted zone but recordings continue and so you have the same battery depleted issue. BTW you can only alter smart activity zones while the camera is externally powered. Then you can disconnect them for final placement.

There are power management settings in the camera video settings that may help to reduce battery drain at the expense of quality.

Positioning the camera downwards can also help to reduce unwanted motion triggering.

Using an outdoor power cable to power the camera is the most ideal.

Hope this helps.
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