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Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple announced a new service called Homekit Secure Video...they announced three companies that will start implementing it but unfortunately arlo was not amongst them...I hope arlo announces and enables this service in addition to the promised by not yet seen Homekit integration.

I guess "better" is somewhat subjective depending on what you value.


At time of purchase there wasn't anything comparable to the ultra in terms of resolution, with a spot light, with smart object detection etc.


I haven't experienced any of the issues a lot of people complain about with Arlo.


I guess if HomeKit was a deal breaker I would be a lot more disappointed. I just wanted to know if anyone knew of the plans for it.





It would be fantastic if this was implemented. HSV does it’s job well, and if you’re already on an Apple storage plan this is a winner. 

Arlo needs to add secure video support for HomeKit- would dramatically improve the usability of their product. Any future purchases I make will have to have this. Any news on Arli adding support?

I invested so heavily in these damn Arlo cameras only to find out that they do not support Home Secure Video for Apple Homekit.  I will be replacing them when my subscription runs out, hopefully I get can sell them for something.




Is there a place on the road map for Arlo working with HSV?  It seems that Arlo are hands down the best camera on the market, however, it does not help if I can't use it in my current setup. I have an 5 ultra 2 cameras for outside and 4 Essential indoor for inside.  I can deal with the fact that the cameras are extremely slow for the viewing the outside cameras, but the Indoor cameras don't work what so ever with Homekit.  I have two questions 1.) Will the indoor camera's be compatible with the homekit ecosystem as the Ultra's are?  2.)  Will Arlo implement HSV?  This will be a requirement since they are now allowing more cameras at no additional charge and the cost difference may influence me to return the ultras for cameras that are compatible.  


THanks you



I love my Arlo Ultra 2. Working great at the moment. Couple of things I wish I could tweak, but maybe in future updates.
Any idea when Apple Online Storage will be available for the Arlo Ultra Smarthub?
I'm currently recording via SD on the SmartHub, but would love the option for the Apple storage.




You make great cameras, now make them compatible with the best home automation! I have to scrap my essential indoor cams for Eufy cheap cams that far out perform the essential indoor at a third the price!  With the new apple offering, I will end up dumping all my Arlo ultra 2s for apple compatible cams unless they will work in the apple ecosystem!

Is support for Apple HomeKit Secure Video going to be offered?