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How do I edit my post?

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Did you create a post and notice typos, excluded crucial information, need it moved to a different board, or you accidentally made a duplicate post? No problem! You can edit your own topics and replies within 30 minutes of posting them. This 30 minute limitation allows the Community to keep the integrity and accuracy of its content in-tact. If a user changes a post several months down the road, it may make the replies or other content sound nonsensical or off-topic. This rule is applied for the benefit of all Community users. Beyond 30 minutes, you can send a request to our moderation team with the details of what action needs to be taken.


To edit your own post within 30 minutes of creating it: 

  1. Navigate to your post
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your post.
  3. Choose Edit Message.


After 30 minutes 

After 30 minutes, you will need moderator assistance to modify your post.

To request assistance modifying your post:

  1. Navigate to your post.
  2. Click on Report Inappropriate Content in the lower-right corner of the post.
  3. Enter in details of what actions need to be taken.inappropriate content.PNG
  4. Click Notify Moderator.

Note: We will do our best to get to your request in a timely fashion, however during high volume times, there may be a delay of up to 24-72 hours.

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