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Ex-boyfriend gets access to camera and deletes? How to tell if someone has access?

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It seems like my ex-boyfriend some how gets in my camera (maybe from an old iphone I lost) and deletes videos and changes my settings.
1. Is there a way to tell if someone is accessing my acct with out my Permission?
2. If I get the icloud service and he deletes videos from the app will they still be on the cloud?
3. would he be able to tell if I have cloud storage?

I’m noticing that my camera picks up everything but never picks him up when he enters my shed and the times he has entered my shed (I can hear him from inside my room) there are large gaps of unrecorded video.
I have recently changed my password to see if that helps and logged out and it asked me if I wanted to log out on all devices? I only have my phone logged in, no other devices...just really weird.

Any suggestions of what I can do to protect my videos besides just live stream when he’s here and recorded it??
4. Would getting a storage card for inside my arlo go help like if he deleted videos from app would it delete from storage card also - can the storage card be password protected?

5. If he knew someone from Verizon would they be able to give him the password for the “arlo go” app?

Thanks in advance

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The first step is always to change your password. Did you agree to the prompt to log out of all devices? You should have. To also add security, turn on the two factor authentication (2FA) in your profile.


1) No

2) Arlo doesn't use iCloud - they use their own cloud service. Once deleted, they're gone. 

3) Only if he can log in. See the first sentence. If he's deleting videos that means he's also logged in. Changing the password and logging out of all devices fixes that.

4) Videos on the card can't be deleted without removing the card and deleting them on a computer (or throwing the card away).

5) No

I can’t believe more people haven’t attempted to help you. This is aggravating I’d say.

1st. Sounds like trespassing. Maybe move the cam so you have him on cam. Unless you have more cams.
I think a lot of things can customized better by logging in through your browser instead of using the app. I use multiple platforms for anything relating to my security (financial, home automation/security and especially network devices)

• You should definitely see all phone numbers, email addresses, and devices that are verified with your account in your Arlo profile settings after logging in.
• Definitely
1.change password (DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD) get a password manager
2.log out of all devices
3.change your email account(s) password(s). Also log out from all locations and devices.
4.Enable 2Factor Authentication on Arlo and Email account.
That should take care of him.
Also update all your important accounts + home network (change your router login and change your WiFi password. These are 2 different access points. A step further, change or hide your SSID (WiFi name).

If you do the above and still have issues you do have a mature honeypot ready. Repost this and I’m sure someone would be willing to go after your problem;)

Could you let me know something real quick about the Arlo Go’s. I’m interested in purchasing one.
1.How many days will it last after fully charging? If you don’t have anybody tripping the motion like crazy.
2.I have read that Arlo offers LTE service but it’s limited. Will a basic Unlimited (talk/text) plan from AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile work nonstop as long as you have charge or a solar panel?

3.last I checked they wasn’t available but the price was $200-$300. Is there only 1 model?

Well Good Luck. Sorry this was so long..
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