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Arlo Go sometimes work or doesn't work. Will show "Getting Status" page.

My camera has had issues since I bought it over a year ago. It will work fine until the battery gets low and I charge it. I will give it a full charge, put it out at my property, in the exact same spot it was in, and it doesnt want to work. It comes on when battery is installed, flashes blue LED, makes the chime noise, connects to my phone for a few minutes, then i drive away and then my app just says "getting status". It has done this off and on for a year. I have gone through all the reset steps, called verizon, and nothing. I am getting very upset as I paid $400 for it and 15 bucks a month and I can never count on it to work. How do I go about getting a replacement? I'm tired of dealing with this one and I really need a camera that works.

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Re: Arlo Go sometimes work or doesn't work. Will show "Getting Status" page.

Hi Maicoman12,


Have you tried seeing if you're getting the "Getting Status" message through the web client on your computer? Have you tried reinstalling the Arlo app and rebooting your phone device to see if that helps? You can also read this article to learn how to troubleshoot when your Arlo Go goes offline: My Arlo Go camera is offline; how can I troubleshoot it?


If you need to contact the Support Team to further investigate this issue, feel free to click on the link and you'll find several options for contacting support in the provided link.


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