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Arlo Go Won't Stay In Color

I have two Arlo Go units in the woods.  Although they are generally in the shade,  there is still plenty of light.  Even in brightest part of day,  they start out color for a second or two and then switch to B/W.  I have had multiple trail cameras in same areas that shoot still and video and they all gave nice color.  For a time I even had a Cuddeback running along side to compare,  and the Cuddeback gave me excellent color video while the Arlo Go would switch to B/W.  Is there any way to control the switch over sensitivity?  Any way to edit the firmware even?  I am running Arlo Pros at the house and they have much better medium to low light performance.
Incidently,  I did a search and found a closed post from another user with same complaint but there was no solution posted.
HW Version    H6

Modem Version   ARLO.FX.

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Re: Arlo Go Won't Stay In Color

There's a threshold in the camera firmware that determines when to switch from color to B&W. This could easily be due to the specific sensor used in each camera as well as design considerations as to what's acceptable for color before switching. There's nothing you can do or set other than to move the camera to eliminate dark areas from the view or somehow add light.

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Re: Arlo Go Won't Stay In Color

Delayed responding to this because I really don't totally agree.   I am well aware of how various camera sensors have various threshholds.   Also aware of how the software can be configured.  I have built trail cameras over the years,  also work in the cellular industry and worked with various camera sensors for many years.   If these sensors are this low quality,  there is a problem.  I think that the software thresh hold has been set to maximize battery life and/or data transmission.   I would gladly sacrafice a little of either for better quality that the color configuration allows.  There is a noticable drop in resolution when it switches to B/W.  The cameras have to be in bright open sunlight to stay in color mode.  I have tested them side by side with Cuddeback, Moultrie (low quality if there ever was one), Bushnell, and several others and all of them very much outperform the Arlo Go for color performance.

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