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Argo GO with ATT sim card.

I recently purchased a ARLO Go camera with and ATT sim card.  After unboxing the camera I began the set up process. I activated the camera and started using my 15 free minutes of ARLO Mobile service.  After that 15 minutes of service was used. I opted to take the 120 minute per month ARLO Mobile service plan. I also paid of a full year of this plan.   Like others on the plan, Im 6 day into it and my minutes are burning away rapidly.  I viewed the link to get the most out of my plan and understand i can reduce the lengh of video capture which will help for rapidly burning up my minutes, but that only going to get me an extra 5-10 days of use, I would like much more.   I am puzzled as to why I needed to purchase an ATT sim card camera, it was about $100 more than those using verizon.   I can't see how or where it is at all connected to my currect ATT data plan.  Was I supposed to do something differently to use this camera with my ATT plan?   Can I use both the ATT plan and the ARLO mobile service?  

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Re: Argo GO with ATT sim card.

Something's not right...

to my knowledge there are 3 Go models,

1) verizon

2 ) att

3) Arlos mvno. (Sort of like tracfone)


I don't think u can swap sims ... Since u bought a ATT, it should be using that sim... You'll prob have to call Arlo support

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Re: Argo GO with ATT sim card.

Ok, I agree, mine is the ATT model.  It appears to me that the ATT and Verizon models come with the option to continue with the factory installed ARLO Mobile Service witch initially gives 15Minutes of free usage. 

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Re: Argo GO with ATT sim card.

I've done some research.   I bought this camera from and independent security  company who claimed it was ARLO LTE CAMERA - AT&T Network.   I could not find the expected AT&T name anywhere on the box, but when I read the instructions I saw the words "The ARLO Go camera is designed to connect to the Arlo mobile network. The Arlo mobile network uses the AT&T network."   After reading those words I convinced myself this was an AT&T camera.  Unfortunately, it is not.  As stated on the outside of the box this camera requires an ARLO 4G LTE plan. 

A few minutes ago I purchased yet another ARLO Go directly from AT&T.  This one was $100 cheaper than the security company camera and requires a new AT&T line installed.  Thanks for your relpy.  I will take my issue up with the company I bought the camera from. 

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