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VMC2030 Camera not detecting motion on certain areas like dead zone

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No matter what i do on such as different camera positions too high, too low, middle and all different setups like under video settings where it says to pinch the corners to select camera recording area, activity zones where you can select up to 5 zones where you highlight the areas where you want motion detection alerts, no matter what i do 1 zone, 2 zones 3 zonea all overlapping each other and still there are dead zone areas where there is not detection.  it either sends me alerts but when the object or person reach certain area it stops recording even though there is still motion in the area highlighted, or it does not detect motion until very close to the bottom of the camera or very top of the camera more towards the left, not much detection in the middle and right side.

also under "device utilities" there is an option for camera positioning where the quote:  to optimize the performance of motion detection alerts, position your camera such that triggering events will occur within the non-shadowed portion of the frame. unquote  so the non shadowed portion of the frame goes only up to 3/4 of the whole picture frame so supposedly it wont detect motion on the top portion.

one other thing i bought a 3 camera pack and one stopped working (does not charge anymore) after less than a month. 

tried to talk to customer service but they are helpless bot maybe.

has anyone experienced the same issue?


Community Manager
Community Manager

How far away from the camera is the motion you're trying to detect? It sounds like it could be beyond the cameras maximum detection range.


You can read about positioning your camera for best performance and maximum detection range here:




What you ar saying does not make sense because the camera detects the farthest point and also the closest point but the middle it does not.

I've tried all camera positions possible and it is always the same issue.

So clearly it is a system issue.

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It's possible that the motion not detected in the middle isn't side to side which is what PIR sensors detect best. Can you verify you've tested this by walking side to side at all distances?