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Mine have annoying pattern of "just stop functioning"

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My two Security Essential (Spotlight) cameras both have an intermittent but consistent pattern where they just choose to stop working.  Maybe more precisely, they just "freeze".  Only clues to noodle root cause:


  • They don't do it at the same time, but I believe once that happened
  • If it happens at night, I can visually tell that they are frozen because I'll notice the spotlights are stuck on
  • If it happens during the day, there is no clear way to tell until I simply suspect that there are no new images
  • I can "fix" it in the short-term most reliably by going into the app and triggering a live view, a tactic that mostly works when I choose the live view located in the "Utilities" section (not always just the regular live view)
  • I *suspect* it only happens under conditions when the spotlight is triggered (in fact I am thinking about turning that feature off just to see if the issue evaporates)

As I say, I can reliably fix it but only after I notice this condition is happening.  That can be hours or an entire overnight, so valuable footage is at risk.


As to frequency, it feels like this happens once every couple of weeks.  Most of the time things are fine.


I doubt anyone is going to have a real "fix" suggestion (outside the basics), but at least, has anyone experienced the issue and been better about noticing the pattern and its attributes if so? 



Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Please reach out to the Support Team to further investigate this issue you are experiencing. You can find several options for contacting support though the Arlo Mobile App by navigating to Settings/System/Support.


This happens to me almost daily. Like you, I'm able to get it recording again by viewing the camera, but it quits after 6-8 hours. It's very disappointing because the picture on the Essential is so much sharper than my Pro 2, and yet my Pro 2 is the workhorse that caught two guys stealing the catalytic converter off my husband's car. I wish we had the sharper video from the Essential, but it was taking its usual vacation from recording.


I've gone through all the trouble shooting steps, including looking for firmware updates and uninstalling/reinstalling the camera. I keep seeing comments were people say they got help from "Support," and I have to wonder how for the love of all things good they were able to reach a human? All I get is a chat bot who wants me to check my modem 🙄. I want this camera to work.

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Bring the Essential camera closer to your router or hub to see if it remains working as a test. It may be the location that's causing the issue.

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What router model do you have?


If you have an Eero mesh with beacons, try turning off the beacons.