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Both solar panels stopped working today...

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Not sure what's up but both of my (after market) solar panels stopped working at once today. They were charging yesterday, but today I find that both of them are not - no charging symbol, and, battery charges have fallen from fully charged to 99 or 98 percent, trending down.


The sky is clear blue and super sunny hitting each panel directly and without obstruction. The cameras know the panels are there because there is a sun symbol albeit greyed out, on the camera control display.


So this isn't about a connection being bad or whatever. Something in the ecosystem must have changed. I am not about to treat it as some mechanical failure requiring me to ladder up and pull out the batteries or some nonsense.


Is anyone else finding the same?

The solar brand I use is Wassa something something and the 2 impacted cameras are Arlo Security Essentials.

Guru Guru

3rd party accessories aren't supported by Arlo. You would need to contact Wasserstein support.


Thank you that is correct -- just not interesting in the context of my post.  The kind of responses I was hoping to hear were along the lines of:


"3rd party products are not supported by Arlo, but I am having the same problem.", followed maybe by a trail of similar experiences.  Just knowing a number of others are having the exact same issue would help to understand things.  


Or, from an insider maybe:


"3rd party products are not supported by Arlo, but we pushed a firmware update last night that would definitely break third party products.  A given any time, but, just since you are having this problem I thought I'd confirm."


Granted this late into the day though, it does not appear to be a sweeping issue.  And in the last scenario answer, well that wasn't very likely, but you never know.  


For the short term (and hopefully this is a one-off occurrence, the panels have been great up until this morning), I actually did resolve the issue by simply disconnecting and reconnecting the cables, which unfortunately took some ladder work, so hopefully this isn't a chronic matter.   I am thinking this was the first chilly morning too so perhaps it is weather related.  Worrisome for my configuration (but, again, understanding that those panels have nothing to do with any obligation by Arlo).