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Arlo Essential Solar Panel question

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I connected the solar panel to my Arlo Camera.  Based on the icons showing, it is clear that the solar panel is connected properly.

The first time the power dropped below 100%, it immediately charged the camera until it reached 100% again.  After that first time, it does not automatically charge.  I have 2 options.  I can unplug the panel from the camera and then plug it back in, or I can go to the app and restart the camera.  Either of these tasks causes the camera to go into a charging status and continue on until it reaches 100%.  

Again, once it drops below 100% later on, it will not automatically start to charge unless I do one of those tasks.

Is there a setting I am missing or is this a known issue?

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@jbow  As your firmware is up to date, I’d be looking at the solar panel or camera itself. Do you have another camera you can try to connect the panel to? Or adversely, another solar panel you can try to connect to this camera? That should help narrow down the problem….