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So how well does the doorbell work?

Several questions (I have 5 Arlo cameras with one on front porch where the doorbell would be installed).


How is the performance of the doorbell? How long does it take from doorbell push to get audio on phone? 

Does live video show up from camera at same time, or later? Cameras seem to have significant delay when trying to veiw live in app for me.

Any integrationd with SmartThings/IFTTT for the doorbell &/or motion sensor?

Has anyone confirmed that we can have a free account with 5 cameras and doorbell(s)?  Arlo answered yes on twitter).



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Re: So how well does the doorbell work?

don't think they are released yet... time will be your answer

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Re: So how well does the doorbell work?


Best Buy is selling them now. 



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Re: So how well does the doorbell work?

I have the doorbell and chime. Works well! Very fast, full duplex. Way better than my pro2 cameras which have never delivered on 2way talk. Cool that it has motion sensing, lights up. Triggers my pro2 camera great. Calls my iPhone immediately. Nice that it has prerecorded messages available. Nice that the chime can act as a second siren. I’m more than pleased.
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Re: So how well does the doorbell work?

I have the Doorbell hooked up to my legacy chime, and to the Arlo chime. It is much faster with the physical one. The Arlo Chime isn't bad, but is clearly delayed by a few seconds instead of instant. I have had occaions that it has been very fast as well though.


Smartthings integration is a gap right now. I was looking for the same thing as I had plans for it with my Smarthings environment. It doesn't appear at this moment they have these two devices enabled through Arlo Connect. It is a shame because i see a ton of potenail for the Arlo Chime if i could trigger activity by smartthings. 


The doorbell does seem to work fine though for what it is. Responsive audio. and it will trigger the physical or plug in chime fairly quickly. 


My personal issues right now with the Doorbell and chime are as follows

1. Smartthing/IFTTT integration. This just opens up a world of options.

2. Silent mode can not be setup on a calendor or any other kind of triggered method. It is just a switch in the app. It is great that it is there, but i would like to be able to turn that on and off easier

3. The method to control the Chime for different tasks. When you setup a mode to enable things like the simulated presense or alarm it seems very limited. I think that if there was a way to break the chime away from some of limits imposed by Modes on the base station it could be much more useful. 

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