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Doorbell stopped working a few hours later. No traditional doorbell chime ring. RMA'ed Doorbell.

I recently purchased an Arlo Pro 2 Camera system and added the audio doorbell to as well.  The camera system seems to work quite well aside from some notification delays that seem to be due to the Arlo Smart system, however my doorbell does not work well at all.  Here is what I see happening.


1) Upon pairing and set up everything seems to work well.  White light flashes in respose to motion and when people press the button my traditional doorbell chime (Setting 2 on the internal switch) rings and my phone gives me a call.  I can talk to the person and see them on the paired camera.


2) After a few hours everything seems to stop working.  Push the button and nothing happens, after a minute the doorbell promps the person to press the button again if they would like to leave a message.


3) After reading some posts on here I tried removing the doorbell and switching the switch from 2 to 1 and then back to 2 before putting it back on the wall.  This seems to fix the problem and everything goes back to working again...except after a few hours the doorbell stops working again until I flip the switch again.


I spent a couple hours on the phone with Arlo support last night and after it was determined that one of the batteries is slightly loose in the housing they agreed to RMA the doorbell and are sending me a new one.  It's being shipped Ground, so it will probibly be next week before I have the replacement.  As soon as it gets here I'll test it out...I'm hoping this is just a hardware problem and a new unit will fix the problem, though I am not too optomistic based on the posts I have been reading about this product.


Has anyone else dealt with customer service about this problem too?  If so did you have a resolution that fixed the problem?

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Re: Doorbell stopped working a few hours later. No traditional doorbell chime ring. RMA'ed Doorbell.

Update:  I recieved the new doorbell from Arlo support and installed it.  Immediately upon being installed it did a firmware update to the device.  It's now been a few days and the doorbell is working perfectly.  I don't know if I had faulty hardware or if Arlo found a bug in the firmware and updated or if both were true but whatever was wrong seems to be fixed.  Quite happy with the doorbell now.

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