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Arlo Doorbell won't Trigger Arlo Chimes - known issue

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CherylB Aspirant

I'm having the same issue with the chime not working. Still waiting for my response from support from about 4 weeks ago!


I have the Arlo Ultra system, two cameras (only one running at any given time), the bell and the chime. All are completely up to date with firmware. App (android) is also up-to-date.


Note - model list on the form is "none of the above" for me.

CherylB Aspirant

Read through all the comments here and tried the resolution in comment # 14. All I get when trying to change the melody is "please wait" until I kill the app. The chime flashes white slowly and then goes to red.


I don't have, and have never yet had, a camera paired to the bell. All I want to do at the moment is get the chime working.

northportmark Initiate

There seems to be a major issue with this doorbell and chime. I am able to make motion trigger the chime, but the doorbell never does. The doorbell does make calls to my phone when pressed, though. So i know that the chime works and the doorbell works, but the interface between the doorbell and the chime is broken. I've tried all switch positions and all combinations of settings in the app.  Sometimes i get phone calls, sometimes not.  I plan to unpair my camera but that's not really an acceptable solution.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Ishizu2012 Aspirant


Please try the below steps.

I got similar issues with Doorbell and Chime.
Chime, Melody, Phone calling were not working with Doorbell because I forgot to remove two batteries from Doorbell after the factory reset.
Please remove two batteries from Doorbell after the factory reset.

1. login to
2. Remove "Doorbell then Chime" on "My Devices"
(Settings > My Devices > Doorbell then Chime)
3. Click "Sync" buttons on Chime for 10 seconds
4. Wait for 30 seconds then pull out Chime from power outlet
(After Quickly blinking white for 3 seconds)
5. Move the chime switch to position 2 on Doorbell
6. Pressing the SYNC button on Doorbell for 10 seconds
7. Remove two batteries from Doorbell
(After Quickly blinking white for 3 seconds)
8. Remove Doorbell and Chime on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or IFTTT if you have registered
9. Restart Base Station and cellphone
10. Join WiFi network same as Base Station on cellphone
11. Insert two batteries into Doorbell
12. Add Doorbell on
(Put Doorbell Within 1 feet from Base Station temporary)
13. Do you want to use your existing chime? >> Don't use my chime
14. Add Arlo Chime (Please do not click "Finish")
15. Plug your Arlo Chime into an outlet
16. Select Arlo Doorbells to pair, then Finish
17. Please refer to the post #14
       Go to the Melody Menu. Doorbell > Device Settings > Melody > Chime Melody.
       Change the Chime Melody from Traditional 1 to another Chime Melody (ex. Luxurious 2).

Doorbell sometimes could not sync with base station.
Please press the doorbell after restarting base station.


AussieSkier Star

After 60 mins on webchat Arlo have offerred to replace my Chime unit.


However, that was 8 days ago, and I have yet to receive the return satchel.


My RMA status has not changed, cannot get an answer on the telephone line.


Received a follow up from Arlo Support saying they were closing my case..........


Not sure these people should be in buisness.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey AussieSkier,


Let me reach out to you via private message since you're having problems with your RMA.

Lawrencedoiron Initiate
I am running into this issue with the chimes. The only thing that works, you need to after adding chime go into doorbell settings and melody immediately and change default tradition 1 to any other chime to get it to work. However, if you attempt to add an additional chime, there is only time to change one before melody setting for the second chime disappears. My son does coding and said this is a coding issue with the default setting. I really hope they can fix this coding problem because I have been using arlo from the beginning but this is leaving me with little confidence for my future purchases.
LeonBall Aspirant

I am having the same problems as so many have described in this thread.  I seem to have partially resolved this by removing and reinstalling the doorbell but not link a camera. I will not temp fate now by linking a camera. It is time this bug was fixed.

AussieSkier Star

After 5 weeks getting nowhere, four case numbers and an RMA to replace my chime, I raised a fifth case number today.


I am not prepared to let these people get away with the worst customer support I have ever experienced.


Case Numbers:



# 41245247


RMA 7097786


I have raised an issue with Arlo Chime and Doorbell for 5 weeks now that is not resolved.

You keep closing the case due to "inactivity", when the inactivity is yours - I need feedback.

I have a record of all emails, web page entries/responses demonstrating that you are avoiding providing a solution to my problem, so I am raising yet another case, and will do so until you respond with a solution to my issue, which is well recognised in the Arlo community as a coding/software issue.

Arlo are knowingly  selling equipment to the public that is not fit for purpose

tsiddharta Aspirant

This worked for me. You are a legend. It was starting to do my head in!

LeonBall Aspirant

Not sure how long it will last, though.


53Crusher Apprentice

I have Arlo Ultra with the doorbell and chime. Have spent an incredible amount of time trying to get them to work again. They used to......  This post is the first helpful thing I have found. By un-pairing the camera associated to my doorbell, the melody list became available for my chime. Changed the melody and for now it all seems to work as it used to months ago.

53Crusher Apprentice

Arlo Ultra with four cameras, Base Station firmware and camera firmware Audio doorbell and Chime all have current firmware. Using the new Android app released on 11/20/19. Haven't been able to use my doorbell and chime for some time now. Post #14 was very helpful. Have conducted multiple tests now. If I un-pair the camera from my doorbell, the chime melody list is available and chime works. Pair a camera back to the doorbell and the melody list disappears and chime quits working. Clearly a software problem that I can't fix on my end. I have to choose between a working camera for my doorbell or a working chime but not both. Please fix!

AussieSkier Star

Christmas has arrived!


After leaving the doorbell and chime in the box for 4-6 weeks, and Arlo Support completely ignoring the issue, despite raising 5 cases, two of which they never responded too.


As of today, my doorbell and chime works ??? No idea why,,,,,,,,,,


I decided have one last try for 2019.


Steps taken:


  1. Decided to ignore instructions and pair the chime first........ no problems pairing
  2. Tried to pair the doorbell via the menu that presents itself immediately after installing the chime, doorbell would not pair
  3. Tried 2/3 times .. no success
  4. Backed out of the system powered doorbell down and reset a couple of times
  5. Doorbell still would not pair
  6. On the final battery removal/doorbell reset the doorbell paired !
  7. All doorbell and chime functionality works !


The only thing I did differently between steps 5 and 6 was rotate the batteries in the doorbell to ensure a good connection.


Here's hoping it lasts


Dutch_Arlo_User Tutor

For those who want to add multiple Chimes to the Audio Doorbell, you might want to try this workaround as my Audio Doorbell now works as expected with two Arlo Chimes;

northportmark Initiate

I opened a case and got it working very simply by deleting the chime and then reinstalling it, changing the ring tone from the default before pressing the doorbell.  I don't know if something changed on Arlo's end in the meantime like a server software update or a firmware update on one of my devices.  I also did not associate my camera with the doorbell.  The audio still doesn't seem to work, except for the recording part.  I got a RING doorbell and I'm hoping for better results with it.  I will move my front camers and audio doorbell to the side door.

johnboydavis Apprentice
New firmware for basestation came out on 2nd Jan that fixed the same problem i had

Arlo have contacted me in regard to the ticket I raised and caused me to initiate this thread. They have told me the issue has now been resolved. (multiple chimes) I am travelling and haven't been able to verify - but please note Arlo believe this issue is resolved.

DavidKirk1 Aspirant

I just discovered today that I had the same problem as the sound from my iPhone and iPad alerts normally masks any noise from the chime. Anyway having read the thread I deleted the pairing with my camera, the chime menu returned and the chime now works fine with Traditional 1 selected. That’s OK by me as unfortunately the camera only works with motion detection which I don’t use as we would be triggering it ourselves all the time. My preference would be to trigger the camera with a doorbell push and I can’t understand why this isn’t an option.


Following contact by Arlo Support I have now resolved this issue.


I am able to pair multiple chimes to my bell / Arlo system and use the Traditional 1 sound with success.


Likewise, I am able to pair a camera to my bell and the system works.


I paired the componets using the standard approach and all worked. - It appears the back end software bug(s) have been resolved. - No special actions rerquired from my side.


As a side note, I also noticed the system recognised the components much faster when trying to pair.


I hope the rest of you also have the same success.


Further to my last post that the problem is solved....


24hrs later the system doesn't work.  (The grocery guy couldn't deliver my food for the week as bell wasn't working. Food returned to shop despite me being home. Thanks yet again ARLO!!!)


I've reset the sytem, unpaired the camera from the bell and changed melody away from Traditional 1. I still have 2 chimes connected  to the sytem. The bell system is now working again for the moment.


As a related point, I note the battery in the bell is down to 45% after 2.5 days.  Normally I get 7-10 days out of the batteries - which is a whole seperate missery in itself.  Unfortuantely the bell picks up traffic on the street outside my house and the bell's light ring lights up frequently, I think this is what is draining the battery quickly. Pity I can't adjust the movement sensitivity.


I have very little confidence in this system. Many times during the last 8 months its worked for 24hrs or so, only to fail. What a headache.  If I could go back in time and stop myself from investing ~ $2000 in this product I would most certainly do so.....


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