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Arlo Doorbell chime compatibility - UK specifically

I've bought the Arlo doorbell, and like so many others, have found that it just doesnt work with my existing doorbell. Unless there is a software update to change the behaviour, it appears it never will . 


As there is no list of supported doorbells that I can find, I was wondering if anybody in the UK has had any sucess getting this to work?


I have a hard-wired 240v doorbell, which has a transformer inside (as most do) to step-down to a lower voltage (not certain what voltage). Its an electo-mechanical bell, which goes "ding" when the bell wires are shorted together, and "dong" when they are opened again. You would think that would be very simple for the Arlo doorbell to support, but alas, not so. 


The Arlo doorbell (in mode 2) appears to close the circuit when I press the button, causing my bell to "ding" but then it never fully opens the circuit again. It is as if you are constantly holding the doorbell button down. If I remove the Arlo doorbell from its back-plate, the circuit is broken, and my chime goes "dong". 


I have put a circuit tester over the pins on the underside of the doorbell, and I can see that when I press the button, it closes the circuit, but then it never fully opens it again, there is seemingly always some contunuity through the terminals.  Why this cant be a simple open and close circuit, to replicate 99% of the the standard push-button doorbells I just dont know. 


Anyhow, my doorbell is now broken as I left the arlo connected for so long after having pressed the button that it seemingly broke my chime, as now althogh it has 240v at the input wires, shorting the bell ring wire now does nothing. 


Is there anything in the UK which will definitley work? I suspect that if I buy any old generic 240v bell with a "ding" and a "dong" it will do exactly the same  (i.e. ding only, and then never "dong")


Hope this makes sense. Seems a software update is the only thing that can fix this, as in simple terms, the arlo bell isnt fully opening the circuit after the first button press, it seems to be trying to put a voltage or some small amount of resistance over the two pins?  All I want is a simple ON or OFF

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Re: Arlo Doorbell chime compatibility - UK specifically

Have you used the Traditional Chime setting in the doorbell settings?

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Re: Arlo Doorbell chime compatibility - UK specifically

Ok so I ordered the cheapest mains powered doorbell I could find to replace mine which got fried, and incredibly it works fine with Arlo doorbell!

I was expecting to install my original bell push and return the Arlo for a refund but it's working now.

Its a mechanical bell, running on 240v, so it goes ding when you press, and dong when you let go, like the last one, but this one works. Not really sure why.

Selector switch at position 2.

If anybody wants to buy it, is only £12 delivered from Amazon !

Byron 776 wired door chime – White – Inbuilt transformer
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Re: Arlo Doorbell chime compatibility - UK specifically

I could not get the Arlo Doorbell (v1.3) to work with my Friedland / Honeywell Seattle D844 digital chime in switch position 1 or 3 so I brought the Bryon 776 mechanical chime for the same price from Screwfix and it works, thank you.

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Re: Arlo Doorbell chime compatibility - UK specifically

Good news!


I dont know what is different about this bell, compared to my previous, they appear to work in the same way, but pleased it helped you !

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