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Arlo Chime fails during setup with amber led

Purchased an Arlo Chime today and tried to set it up with a 1 week old Hub (VMB4000r3) firmware No matter what I do the chime pulses white and then ultimately blinks amber to a full amber. I've tried rebooting the Hub and resyncing/reseting the chime several times. Nothing seems to work. I do have 2 Arlo Cameras (H5) and a Doorbell that works properly. Just can't get the chime to be recognized.  I plugged the chime next to the hub just to eliminate distance as an issue. Nothng seems to work. Please help.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Arlo Chime fails during setup with amber led

Tried a replacement Arlo Chime.... still doesn't work. Lights flash white until amber comes on. I've tried reseting the chime, still doesn't work. I guess the major problem I have is with Arlo not providing any level of support during installation. All the other Arlo components work properly (Cameras, doorbell) but can't get the Arlo Chime to work at all. I'm guessing it's some other issue unless Arlo manufactured a bad batch of Chimes.

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Re: Arlo Chime fails during setup with amber led

Are you still experiencing this issue with your chime?

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