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Arlo Bell Calls Phone - Can't Turn It Off.

Only just installed - here in the UK. Generally works well but I'm finding that it always calls my phone when the bell is pressed.

How do I turn it off! Don't see anywhere in setup even if the instructions indicate otherwise?






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Arlo Bell Calls Phone - Can't Turn It Off.

Hello Peter,


Yes, the phone(s) are always called, regardless if the system is Armed or Disarmed (manual, schedule, geofence), when the doorbell is pressed.

Audio Doorbell does only offer a single customisation: Silent Mode (Calls and Chimes will be turned off).

These two components should be split in my opinion.


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Arlo Bell Calls Phone - Can't Turn It Off.



Certainly seems to work that way, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Support give this snip (I saw it as encouragement)


Note: If you don’t want to receive calls when a visitor presses the doorbell, you can select Silent Mode for the doorbell and turn off incoming calls. (Open the Arlo app and tap the doorbell to view or change these settings.)


Can't see any way of doing as they suggest though and it does seem crazy to have a mobile phone ring when I'm in the house.



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