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One of four cameras has fault motion detection

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I have 4 Arlo cameras, all set up the same, and one camera has faulty motion detect.  It just doesn't work.  Followed all the instructions for troubleshooting, with no results.  The support chat is absolutely horrible.  We are now half an hour into the "support", which according to Arlo is them asking a question, me responding, then waiting 4 minutes for them to say "thank you for your response" then wait another couple minutes for them to say something useless and ask another question.  At this rate it will take 2 hours to have a very simple conversation.  This is cost cutting, the guy on the other end is probably talking to 6 customers at once so they can save a buck on their customer service.  They are happy to spend your time to save them money, keep that in mind before buying.  Ready to just return it all and get a system from a better company.

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@1359 wrote:

I have 4 Arlo cameras, all set up the same, and one camera has faulty motion detect.  It just doesn't work. 

Does it fail the motion detection test?

If it does fail it, then the only options are

(1) reboot the camera by removing the battery and reinserting it (assuming you have a removable battery)

(2) do a factory reset of the camera

(3) replace the camera (particularly if it is under warranty).


If it passes the test, then you could try

(4) swapping the camera with one in another location, and see if the problem moves

(5) adjusting the motion sensitivity in the camera rule

(6) if the camera is newer than a Pro 2, then you should also check to see if is in a subscription plan.



I have a failed camera after 7 months (pro 4) 


After  2 hours repeatedly carrying out trouble shooting exercises where nothing resolved tje various issues I was told they would replace the camera 


I was then sent 4 emails over the next two weeks suggesting further trouble shooting exercises


i called again and was told to ignore these emails and that the camera would be replaced. 

I was then advise that Arlo HAVE NO CAMERAS IN STOCK  TO REPLACE MY CAMERA!!!!!


I was advised that I would have to wait 


what a joke 


Arlo are going to drive away all customers if they continue with this shonky Indian based support service charade 



Discussion stats
  • 2 Replies
  • 3 In Conversation