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No local recordings from wire free video doorbell?

No local recordings from wire free video doorbell?

My new ARLO wire free video doorbell does not connect to my existing Arlo base station, which means there are no local video recordings. I get these from my other 19 Arlo cameras, and they would be the only record of what happens during a power failure or when a potential bad actor cuts the internet cable on the side of my garage before an attempted break in. (My Arlo base station is on a UPS just so there is power available to record video on the USB drive plugged in the back.)  I have asked support about this several times and received vague responses along the lines of "engineering hasn't finished this yet and when they do we will let you know" but the ticket is then closed out without an answer as to when this will be a part of the Arlo system. Can I expect to connect my AVD2001to the local base station or not, and if so, when. If not, why is this the only device that doesn't work with all the other Arlo equipment?


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I do not have any information to share on this topic at this time. Keep an eye on and the community for future compatibility updates.