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[Warning] Don't Reset HomeKit

After a bit of messing around I was able to get HomeKit synced with my base station (VMB4000r3) and seven cameras. Everything worked fine for about an hour until the cameras became unresponsive in the Home app. They continued to work in the Arlo app. Stupid me, I went into settings under HomeKit in the Arlo app and selected the “Reset HomeKit” button. Dumb move on my part. It did exactly as it said... my entire home was removed as well as every room and over 120 devices (yes, 120 includes 83 Hue lights, switches and motion sensors). 


Why would you ever give that amount of control to a third party app? Apple should be blamed here but come on Arlo.... that should NEVER happen.


Rant off... back to rebuilding my home, rooms, scenes and devices.



Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Re: [Warning] Don't Reset HomeKit

Too late.   I was also haviing issues with the cameras within Home app, so I hit reset and it wiped out my Home app devices as well.  The only thing that remained was the AppleTV and HomePod.   I agree, why give 3rd party vendors that much control.   Home reset/removal should only be performed via the Home app.  In addition, after getting all my devices back in to Home app on myiPad, my iPhone Home app is no longer synched up with my iPad.  iPhone Home app is balnk and asking to setup a new account.

I'm also still trying to recover the Arlo base station from the "reset".  Having issues getting the base station to show under found devices when setting up HomeKit via the Arlo app.   

Still struggling.....

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Re: [Warning] Don't Reset HomeKit

Hi Jim1217 and spineda,


We wanted to let you know that the latest Arlo app for iOS has removed the "Reset HomeKit" button. Make sure to downloaded the latest version: Arlo iOS App - 2.7.14 - 13th August 2019


Hey spineda,


If you're having problems trying to get your Base Station added on through HomeKit, read this article: How do I connect my Arlo Pro or Pro 2 camera to Apple HomeKit?


If that doesn't help, contact the Support Team so they can assist you out further. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.


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