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Some random videos not uploading to cloud(web and phone), all appear to be on local usb

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Still randomly missing videos on my phone and on the cloud of known events.  Front porch camera hardly uploads any events.  Driveway camera misses some, and Garage camera misses quite a few.  They appear to all make it to the hub and are recorded locally but are not being uploaded for some reason.  Back camera is closest to the hub, then front porch, then garage, then driveway.  However, they all are recording to the hub, and then should be uploaded to the cloud so I dont know that distance or connectivity is an issue.  


This seems to be a little different than the blocks of time that get lost whenever netgear screws up things and instead is only short videos and events.  


Side note, the record until motion stops is completely unreliable and always seems to stop mid movement.  Very frustrating product but at least it seems I can go to the local storage to get all the videos.  


Using smarthings and firmware is

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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I would confirm all your Smart thing settings...

All triggered recording events go to the backup, but with smart things, they are sent up and the computer AI looks at them and makes a decision based on you settings... if the vid is something your looking for then it goes to your Library, ( if not you don't get it )

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Hi @TomMac Smarthings only changes mode settings and I have all them to record on motion. Arlo connect doesn't seem to really have any settings to change. Neither seem to have anything to do with the video being recorded to USB locally but not uploaded to the library in the cloud. Some videos do not upload.