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Settings for Arlo to use with IFTTT

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Got off to a horrid start with Arlo last year...allowed them to sit for months due to depleted batteries, constantly going offline, and near-zero support form Netgear.  Got an email from IFTTT saying Arlo was now a thing...hmmm...maybe they made some improvements.  I updated my firmware all around. Fresh batteries, new synchs..essentially a clean install.

Activated the IFTTT channels and installed 2 recipes... arm when you leave a geofenced area....disarm when you re-enter a geofence area.


The channels are activating, but I am not convinced the cameras are working.  I am thinking that my mode may be wrong..or I may need to create a custom mode for this.  Currently I have it set up to a custom mode where if an exterior camera senses motion it begins to record and also starts the interior cameras rolling (thought was if someone breaks the door down I might not see him outside, but the interior one may catch him).

Is this a conflice with the IFTTT?  Where shoudl my settings be for the IFTTT recipe to work--simply armed and/or disarmed?


Thanks in advance

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I have no experience with this but a thought is whether you're using modes from last year or if you only have the current defaults - Armed and Disarmed.  If the former, those modes can be problematic and I suggest creating new modes with the same settings.  If the latter, I have no idea but I'd certainly use those for configuring and troubleshooting.


On a different tack, would you mind giving an overview of what you've set up?  I'd like to know more about what's needed and how to configure things for future reference.  Maybe a separate post would be useful to prevent cluttering this one.


I had modes from last year, but when I re-set up, I deleted them leaving the armed/disarmed/schedule modes which are standard.  I then created a new one to record inside when an outside was activated and began recording--hoping if someone is breaking in, I can capture them on the outside and then again entering the home.

On the IFTTT recipes, there were two that were created for the API that used a geofence (location services on iPhone) and you simply zoomed in and set the "fence" for arming and disarming. The thought is that you have your phone and if you go outside of your immediate property to arm the cameras. Come home, and then disarm them.  Obviously the downside is that you will not catch anyone snooping at night when you are asleep unless you specifically arm it manually I suppose.  I am sure additional recipes will be made!

Community Manager
Community Manager

While IFTTT support is now available, we are still working on optimizing this feature. We recommend users wait until an official announcement before taking advantage of IFTTT.