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Life360 and IFTTT

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I’ve just got an email from IFTTT indicating that Life360 is pulling the plug on December 2nd.

I’ve had success in using Life360 to detect the last family member leaving and first family member arriving home to arm and disarm my Arlo system (given that the inbuilt geofencing appears to be so poor) so I’m disappointed in receiving this news.

Anyone have suggestions on alternatives I can use?

Exactly same issue here.. gave Arlo geofencing up long ago, and switched to Life360, IFTTT and at that point

- but it has been a struggle for sure...


I have two base-stations and 7 cams in total. Arlo 'free' only supports 5 cams pr account, regardless of the number of base-stations you've bought, (for a reason I do not understand nor agree with)  so I had to set up two different Arlo accounts to make it work, without having to pay a monthly fee on top of the rather pricey setup


I also had to set up two IFTTT accounts, as only one ARLO-service can be connected pr. IFTTT account.

So in order to make the Life360 work with all cams, I had to have two IFTTT accounts.


On top of that, I added a Apilio account, to make more advanced rules, using webhooks from the two IFTTT accounts


Miraculously it worked pretty stable....


At one point Apilio wanted money for their former free service, witch made me switch to SwitchUr instead.
Got everything to work smoothly once again....  


Then IFTTT announced the change and demand for money... Didn't want to pay for two subscriptions (as I would have had to because of the limit in ARLO service connections)

I had a lot of actions, so had to add two additional IFTTT accounts, in order to keep it under the free limit (3).

Obviously all the connections to Life360, Arlo and SwitchUr had to be redefined and setup from scratch... argh... 
Got it working though... and I was rather proud, as the complexity by far exceeded my (initial) capabilities.


IFTTT announced that Life360 (apparently didn't want to play the money-game with IFTTT either, and as described) are going to pull the plug with IFTTT... (SO glad I didn't made subscriptions to IFTTT)


Spend the last couple days trying to make Arlo's geofencing work... Hoping Arlo had progressed from earlier failures, making what we already payed for work...  It doesn't yet - but I'm still trying.... hoping...

I too would be extremely interested in alternatives....  If this doesn't work, I honestly see little use of the Arlo solution.... 

Sorry for this being so long, and without any solutions...  Writing it made me feel a little better though - at this point I need everything I can get  🙂


Think I managed to find a suitable alternative... so far it seem to work, at least for me.


I added a SmartThing Hub to my setup, and use this as a stepping-stone for Life360 towards IFTTT.

(Connected Life360 to the SmartThing, and made this trigger arm/disarm of Arlo through IFTTT)


Had to learn about virtual switches and device handlers, but I guess you are never to old to learn 🙂