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Dashboard integration for Android Arlo App

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Hi Everyone,


I have been working on building a SMART home dashboard from where I can get all my daily updates (calendars, todo's as well as control all my Smart home devices and Sonos Audio. As Smart home hub I use a Hubitat elevation hub, but the same could also apply to a SmartThings powered hub. 

For Dashboarding tool I use, but also here the same could apply to other like DAKboard, Actiontiles, etc.


I have seen articles of people integrating an Arlo feed directly onto the dashboard, but I wanted to go with a much more basic option, to just have a button to open the native Arlo app as installed on my Android tablet.


I have seen posted that this should work as a hyperlink, but in my case it doesn't:




Anyone solved already to get a hyperlink style link to open the Arlo Android app ?

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station