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Alexa will still chime when I have it on silent. See video through Alexa when motion is detected?

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I know there are other discussions on this but none have solved my issue. I have:


Arlo essential doorbell wire free AVD2001Aer1.2  firmware


Echo show 10 and Echo 4th Gen both with latest firmware as of 13th May 2021


An iphone  11 running iOS 14.5.1


My issues are

1) I can only get the doorbell to chime the echos when I allow it to call my phone. I don't want this, this issue has been covered before in discussions and apparently fixed so that when set to 'silent' the Alexa app would still chime or answer and the phone would remain silent. Well this doesn't happen for me. The only option I have is all or nothing, phone goes off both echos go off or total silence. Please if anyone has a fix for this let me know.


2) I know this is not an Arlo question but I'm stuck figuring it out. I want my Echo show 10 to automatically show the door bell camera when it alarms for a doorbell activation. For the life of me I cannot get this to happen, it alerts but no picture unless I ask for one. If anyone has a fix/routine I would as you Americans say "be much obliged".


Hello from quaint old London Town



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Hi Tidgh,


1) Try removing your Arlo account from your Amazon Alexa devices and try re-adding it back on to see if that helps. 


2) Unfortunately, Alexa will only make an announcement when motion is detected on an Arlo camera. You will need to ask Alexa to show the video from your Video Doorbell. You can also see some of the available commands to say to Alexa here: Arlo Alexa Skill or What Alexa commands can I use with Amazon devices to view my Arlo cameras?