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using Arlo cameras in attic heat

I’ve read online in a couple spots (including this forum) that my original-model Wire-Free camera should work fine in high temperatures up to 122º. I understand that the camera will stop working at that point until the temperature drops below the threshold. I have a question about temperatures that may go significantly higher.


A few days ago, I thought I heard something in the attic — could be there’s a critter up there somewhere. I’ve got a 10-camera Arlo system, including a few original Wire-Free units I bought 3-4 years ago. I use these older units for non-essential monitoring so I took one of them from its current role and placed it in the attic to keep an eye on things.


I live in northern Indiana, and summer is due to start in a few days. I have stationed an outdoor thermometer setup within the visual range of the attic camera so I can keep an eye on the temperature — yesterday, the attic got as hot as about 115º. That’s pretty close to maximum, and we’re not even into the hot season yet.


My question is this — if the temperature in the attic goes significantly above 122º does this pose a fire hazard for the camera? Attics apparently can reach temperatures of 150-160º so it seems likely that this camera is going to be exposed to much higher temps than what I saw today. If this is going to ultimately make the camera fail or otherwise hurt its longevity, that’s fine — when it stops working, I’ll just stop monitoring the attic at that point. But if this poses a risk of fire, I should probably stop using it this way now.



Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Re: using Arlo cameras in attic heat

spec on 123 cells say operating temp max out at 55c or 130F...


you prob ok for now..  thinking there's a higher prob of possible damage to camera than cells.

you could also put it in at night, esp if you think raccoons that are more nocturnal

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