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The problem is that I'm starting to become envious of people who have real security cameras. There is so much variety out there now that allows wifi connectivity, Internet monitoring apps, etc.


Back in the day I was the cool guy on the block because I had these cool little cameras that I could place anywhere around the house and check on my phone app from anywhere in the world. In fact, I recommended the Arlo system to two of my family members; one of which bailed fairly early on because of the shortcomings. That was embarrassing for me.


What's happened now is these "cool" cameras just plain don't work properly anymore. I've had it with the intermittent, but constant, cameras going offline, the pink to deep magenta screens, battery life being sucked down seemingly by the minute, and the long periods of buffering that require me to go out of the app, "Close All," and reload the app; only to still experience a long buffer.


I'm a long-time user, employing Arlos almost since the beginning, so excuses of interference, distance from the router, bad batteries, etc., are extremely offensive to me. Also offensive is Arlo's treatment of long-time users as "one-time Joes" who they never expect to get repeat business from.


Arlo needs to recognize that they have a faulty product that many of us have large investments in and offer us replacements even though we are way out of warranty. I have a four-camera system and five sets of Tenergy batteries with charger. At any given time I've got at least one -- sometimes two -- offline cameras, and at least one -- sometimes two -- pink screen of death cameras. In no way can I rely on this system for real security monitoring.


I'm not sure what the heck Arlo's business model is, but if they made cars or built houses they'd be out of business in no time.


Bottom line is I'm shopping around for a new system. And I'm thinking about going on Amazon and writing a detailed critical review. I guess it depends on whether I get any positive response from this comment. We'll see.



I understand where you are coming from, and I am not defending Arlo here, but I now have 8 Arlo cameras and other than the recent two way talk feature, I have had nothing but flawless service out ot the Arlo system fot the past 3 years. Every person has different security needs and there is no "one shoe fits all" approach. My needs are being met quite well by my Arlo system, but maybe yours are not. I do have other manufacturer's cameras for the needs that Arlo does not fill. There is a lot of improvements that Arlo could do and it seems that Arlo is slowly falling behind the times. I just don't want everyone out there to think that there are no satisfied Arlo customers.




Brian, two years ago I would have said the same thing. I just couldn't understand the complaints that were airing even in those days. My system performed perfectly.


I'm thinking there is a lifespan of each Arlo installation. I truly believe that sooner or later everyone will experience a degradation of their system. In my mind that is too much unreliability for such a large investment. Right now my system is running at best at about 50 percent efficiency; which is a waste of my investment and not giving me reliable security service.


It was fun while it lasted, but now it's time to move on.


Hi @DaveWick, regarding your cameras that are showing pink picture, actually Arlo can replacement it for free. I have problem with this before and they were able to provide a replacement with my 2 cameras.