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Where Is The Ticketing System For Support?

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hi everyone,

Since the spin off of Arlo as a standalone company, how do we log tickets with Arlo Support team? The communication options i see are by phone or chat. I'm looking for either the email or ticket option.

I don't think the Community is meant to support specific device issue, sharing of address for return, etc... Am i wrong? 

I don't want to spend time on the chat or phone with the typical back and forth of "did you try removing and reinserting batteries""yes""did you try removing and re-adding device""yes""did you try powering on/off the base""yes".

I did my homework, did all the troubleshooting, and it's ready for copy/paste in a ticket to get return process going. But where is it gone? 


Thank you


Model: VMC3030|Arlo Smart Home Security - Add-on Camera
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We can try to help here but some issues, such as bad hardware, can't be handled by a user community.


You're in the right place when you see chat and phone options. There is no longer an email/form capability so you have to use one of these to create a ticket.